London Business Club GREENWICH was registered in the capital of Great Britain (registration # 7916296) as a private members’ traditional club incorporated into the English club system.

«Greenwich», the proper name for the London Club, was not chosen randomly.

The town of Greenwich in Kent, now part of the Greater London, became famous for its Royal Observatory established in 1674 and ever since serving the geographical longitudes datum for England and from late XIX — for the rest of the world. Today Greenwich remains the center of Earth planetary surface at least in terms of cartography. The prime, or Greenwich meridian located there and the Greenwich Mean Time adopted as the universal time standard for all time zones of the world unambiguously place Greenwich in the center of the world time and space. The name of GREENWICH in the Club’s name symbolizes the intention of its members to be in the thick of things and processes crucial for the world and in the center of the European civilization that once made the English city of Greenwich its datum point.

Club Motto

Nobilitas Industrialis (Lat. Industrial aristocracy)

The Club Motto leans on one of the fundamental concepts maintaining that sustainable economy is supported by the oldest companies whose reputable status is self-evident in their very duration. Time is the best and by far the most objective selection criterion. It gives a good character to traditional companies, proving their success and responsibility before the public and the state. Such companies form the national «industrial aristocracy», the successors to the high-tech culture, virtue and moral expertise. Their qualities complemented by the vigour and inventiveness of the new generation were regarded as pivotal for the Club project.

Club Crest

Club Insignia

Golden Club Badge Certificate of Club Membership
Club Crest Cufflinks
Tie Tie pin
Club jacket Personal Club Seal

Club is an associated member of the British Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), London, Great Britain.

The goal of the Club is to develop and promote exclusive VIP services proving the idea of comprehensive quality as the quality of life in offering customized solutions for its members.

The primary objective of the Club is to satisfy individual demands of its members in London including procurement of specialized services and recommendations of qualified professionals, facilitation of business meetings and negotiations to establish personal contacts and solve specific issues, as well as provision of visa support and proper accommodations for residence and business activities of Club members in the British capital.

The interview with Sergey Lachin, vice-president of London Business Club «Greenwich»: «The central task of the Club is to prove useful for its members».

Club Membership

Membership at London Business Club GREENWICH is strictly individual. Two types of membership are stipulated by the Articles of the Club:

Full Members

The status is granted to Individuals actively involved with Club activities and paying membership fees to have access to Club’s services. Full members are entitled to a number of substantial benefits.

Honorary Members

The status is granted to Individuals actively Club.

Full Membership Benefits

(Full member annual package at London Business Club, LBC)

One-year visa to enter Great Britain covering family members;
Club Insignia (Club membership certificate and the badge) conferred in London or Moscow;
Discounted admission to Club events in London;
Unrestricted access to Club «member support telephone number» — engaging best European professionals to solve urgent medical issues of Club members and their families or to settle burning legal issues;
Discounted access to concierge-services in London, Family Office BRITANNICA: support of individual visits — from accommodation and bookings with best restaurants and cultural events to escorted shopping tours of top London shopping locations;
Family Office support in adapting to London environment: assistance in providing education for children (language classes, college studies, opening bank accounts and real estate acquisition; getting residence permit).

Steps to Club membership:

The following steps will lead to an official Club membership:

fill in Club membership application;
send the application in charge of one of the offices in London or Moscow
Number in Moscow: +7 499 265 58 43
Number in London: +44 751 743 01 88
The processing and verification of the application data takes one to two business days. Upon approval the applicant is recommended for Club member;
pay membership fee. Payment details and settlement procedure are negotiated individually.

When the fee payment is settled the new Club member will receive a written confirmation of membership; also the date and place for admission certificate and Club Badge award ceremony will be fixed.

The procedure of annual membership extension:

Payment of the annual fee.
Club member receives a written confirmation of extended membership.

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